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We started 2019 traveling the Baja Peninsula for two months…

Our trip to Baja was the first time we’ve driven our RV south of the border. We had tons of questions, more nerves than we should have, and we wanted to get outside of our comfort zones. Now that we are back in the U.S., we have time to go through all of the questions we received about our trip to Mexico! Our inbox was packed full of questions about crossing the border in an RV or van, crossing the border with our dogs, what you need for an extended trip to baja, and so many questions about campsites and some of the activities we did while exploring Baja.

We want this book to be a helpful resource for other travelers that are planning to venture down the Baja Peninsula. Our goal is to help other travelers learn and be aware of all the things we wish we had known before crossing the border, so heres what you will find in our book…

Included in our Ebook:

  • Our Baja Checklists

    -info on important documents you’ll need, supplies for your rig, what to bring for your dog

    -includes clickable links to items on lists

  • Our experience bringing our dogs to Mexico

  • Our experience crossing the border

  • What to expect at the Military checkpoints throughout the peninsula

  • 14 Campsites from our trip listed in order of your route down the Peninsula

    -includes Google Map links & GPS coordinates

    -includes a key of what amenities each campsites have (i.e. cell service, WiFi, showers, etc)

  • Information for the activities & experiences we splurged on

  • Frequently Asked Questions from our Instagram followers

*This Ebook is not a complete guide of Baja. It does not list every campsite or activity on the peninsula.

This is an outline of our 2019 trip, and contains details and info on what we learned, our personal stories of our experiences. If you followed along our journey on Instagram, and want a similar experience, then this is the book for you!


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