Meet the Crew!

Who are the faces and puppy faces behind Slow Car Fast Home?  If you've clicked here you might be wondering, "are they really handy and do they have an extensive background in building things?" or, "how did they come up with this idea, and why do they want to live tiny?" or, "where are they from and what are their names?"  If you only came to our blog for pictures of Nigel, then this page might bore you, but lets be honest Nigel is the real star here anyways...



  • Age:  27

  • Hometown:  Annapolis, MD

  • Favorite Color: Forest Green

  • Weird Fact:  Can't drive with shoes on

Hi guys!  I'm Danielle,  the pusher and list maker of almost every project or idea we come up with.  I'll be the one you are chatting with through the blog, emails or on our Instagram.  I would say out of Tommy and me, I have the least amount of skill with wood working, but I am a great co-pilot when it comes to learning something new.  I am the painter of all things that are painted in our lives, whether it is the walls & cabinetry in our home, the exterior of Nigel, or the longboards that we make.  That is my happy place, and where I feel most confident.  The design aspect of Nigels' interior was a combination of Tommy and my own style, but he was kind enough to put the majority of those decisions in my hands.  And, I have had no training or schooling on anything about rebuilding an RV or any home for that matter.  

Before Tommy approached me about living full-time in an RV, I never pictured myself living tiny (even though we had already lived in a SMALL, overpriced, ground level, studio apartment with 3 windows in downtown Denver).  Once, we started getting rid of all of our stuff it seemed easier and easier.  During the process of the build, we were spending so much time in the RV the space seemed less small and then hitting the road only made it feel bigger with the limitless backyard right outside our door. 




  • Age: 28

  • Hometown:  Annapolis, MD

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Weird Fact:  Birthmark is in my left eye 

Hey, I'm Tommy,  I'm the go-getter, the hustla' if you will.  The idea guy.  I love the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books.  Alright, let me be a bit more serious now, I was the main one out of the two of us that wanted to have an RV.  The hardest part was finding the right one for us and then convincing Danielle this would be our next adventure (which wasn't as hard of a task as it may sound).  We jumped head first into this project, and I didn't at the time have all the skills or knowledge to renovate an old RV, but I knew I could learn.  I had general knowledge of how to use most tools, and basic wood working knowledge.  So, with the help of some of the Dad's in our lives, I asked questions and I learned.  And, I would do it again in a heartbeat.


RV living was already something I had experienced at a young age with my Dad taking my sister and I on a family road trip through the South West.  So, I think I've always wanted to go back and relive some of those experiences and memories.  Danielle didn't grow up with trips like that, so it's awesome being able to take her to some of these majestic places.  We had already moved from Maryland, to North Carolina, to Colorado together, so we had already been through the process of decluttering before.  I don't think the transition to tiny living was that big of a transition, but the first two weeks living in the RV was the more challenging part to adjust to.    



  • Age: 12

  • Hometown:  N/A  -- rescued from Pender County Animal Shelter at 2 years old

  • Breed: Akita/Chow mix

  • Weird Fact:  Won't play with dog toys, prefers cat toys

We rescued Missy from a shelter in Burgaw, NC in 2010.  She was the only dog in the animal shelter that wasn't barking.  She ran away a few times once we adopted her, but we think that was a test.  She needed to know we would come after her.  And, we always did.  Since that phase ended she has seldom left our side.  If any of us were not sold on the idea of living in the RV, it was her.  I mean, we call her Prissy Missy, so I'm not entirely sure why we were surprised.  She didn't get comfortable in Nigel until after the remodel.  Which I think only backups her nickname.




  • Age:  8

  • Hometown:  N/A  -- rescued from Pender County Animal Shelter at 1 years old

  • Breed:  Golden/Lab mix

  • Wierd Fact:  thinks seashells are a tasty snack

We rescued Trip from that same shelter in Burgaw, NC in 2013.  This guy, was such a difficult rescue.  He didn't eat for days, he barked for days, wouldn't get comfortable with us, was strange about different types of flooring, would run away ANY chance he could, AND he ate a door.  Yes, a door.  We kept saying that in 5 years he would be an amazing companion, and we are on year 5 right now.  And, boy were we right.  He is the most happy go lucky, snuggly, funny little dude, and I'd say second to Nigel, he is the star on our Instagram.  If you meet us on the road, you may hear him called by many different nicknames:  Peanut, Peanutbutter/Mr. Peanutbutter (watch an episode of Bojack Horseman on Netflix and you'll get that one), Trippy, Trip Sandwich.  This guy has been a fan of the RV in all of its stages -- 25 year old carpeting, bare subfloor, walls ripped down, walls back up, tools everywhere, or finished completely he doesn't care, and just wants to be going..