We are officially solar powered!


We have teamed up with humless reliable power systems!

We run our longboard  and art businesses out of our RV, so being able to work remotely and without relying on a gas generator or shore power has been a top priority for us, but we didn't know where or how to start.  We got in touch with Humless at www.humless.com and had a chance to meet them in person, and get walked through the ins-and-outs on their Humless Home 1.5 System.  

Thank you to the Humless team for teaching us about our new solar energy!  This exact page on our website has been made while sitting off-grid in our RV in Moab, Utah and 100% solar powered!

so, why Humless?


They've paired high efficiency solar panels with advanced lithium batteries to create the leading solar generator systems. The solar panels create electricity that charge the systems batteries. Use the stored power daily or save it for when you need it most.



Nigel is outfitted with the Humless 1.5 system and three 130watt foldable solar panels

What does All that entail?

Below we have listed all of the different components of our off-grid Humless system!


Humless Home 1.5

QTY:  1

"The 1.5 is the smallest in our Off-Grid Series but its nowhere close to small.  Big in power, not in size. The HOME mini is our smallest unit designed for home use. With 1.5 kWhs of backup power you can count on, this system is ready to power heavy loads or powering small and medium loads for an extended period of time."


BATTERY:  Lithium - 1.5 kWh- 40Ah

SIZE:  12" x 13" x 20"

WEIGHT:  82 Pounds

CYCLES:  3,500+

PORTS:  AC in • DC in • 120V AC out




Output: 130 Watts

Cell Type: Monocrystalline

Cells: 72

Size: 33 x 20 x 3 Inches

Weight: 28lbs




Replacement 21 foot solar cable for your Humless solar bundle. MC4 to Anderson Connector. High-Quality Copper Wire



Y-Branch Connectors allow 2 solar panels to be connected to 1 MC4 solar cable.


Our initial reaction of the new setup...

We have only had our Humless system installed for 3 days so far, and we are BLOWN away by the ease, simplicity, and power of this system.  Tommy and I, are definitely considered newbies in this solar energy world, but as we learn and  use this new addition to our home-on-wheels the easier and more simplified it seems to us.

We needed to make space for the Home 1.5, so we took out our original stove/oven unit and rebuilt the counter top and cabinetry to make a safe ventilated space for our new power house.  And, we don't miss the oven at all!  Having solar energy at the ready will always trump being able to make cookies or pizza in here.  We have replaced the old stove with a new 2-burner stove top unit.  Below you can see pictures of the quick renovation we made before installing the Humless 1.5...


We were quick to ripping out the stove/oven, and the old counter top. so, the first picture is the before, and the two photos following are after we finished the new cabinetry and installing our new stove.

 **we are waiting for the varnish to come in to finish the counter top

Before making room for our new Humless system

Before making room for our new Humless system

screwing in our new counter top and cabinet door

screwing in our new counter top and cabinet door

New stove top and the Humless Home 1.5 in its new cabinet!

New stove top and the Humless Home 1.5 in its new cabinet!