Week 1

Where to begin?

Where to begin?


So, I skipped over any information about our drive from Colorado to Maryland.  Nothing exciting happened over that period of time.  We didn't stop for much other than gas, sleeping, bathroom breaks, and eating.  One thing we learned from the trip is that we weren't comfortable AT ALL living in the original layout and the dirt that comes with buying an older RV (the carpet, mattress & couches scared us a bit)...

Disclaimer:  We are not professionals, and are very new to all things that go into renovating an RV.  We didn't do everything the correct way, but all is said and done now, so please don't fill out inboxes with smarty-pants messages!

Anyways, back to the stuff you all came here for, we began by unscrewing window frames, finding water damage, scraping/peeling off tons of wallpaper, attempted ripping out the carpet, took out the couch, ripped down the overhead cabinetry and began assessing water damaged areas.  We then began to use Peel & Seal roofing tape to ad an extra layer over our 2" original foam insulation (a recommendation from Tommy's dad Mark).  It also acts as a sound deadener -- the walls in these motorhomes are so thin you could hear just about everything said in here from the outside and vice versa.  After peel & seal tape, we could play music inside of the RV (pretty loudly) and not here it outside.  SUCCESS.  We also had a heater running in the RV with us and after the peel & seal was up the heat was staying in the RV a lot longer than before.  SUCCESS.

Our thoughts from those first few days...


2.  Damn, Peel & Seal is kinda expensive...

3.  We're actually DOING THIS!!