Products we LOVE

Most of the products we standby and recommend to everyone are ordered from, so we'll list a few items below...

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Atwood Stainless Steel Drop-In 2-Burner

We JUST installed this Atwood 2 burner drop-in stove to the rv, and its a HUGE upgrade to the original stove/oven unit that came with the RV.  Highly recommend this purchase!

Canary All-in-One security camera

We love this security camera for having 2 dogs in our home on wheels!  It monitors live time video surveillance, air quality, and the temperature in the RV.  So, any time we leave the dogs alone in the RV we can keep a close eye on them!

Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder With Germ Protecting Cover

This may seem like a minuscule product, but having a safe space for your toothbrushes is so important in a tiny space!  Super small inexpensive product but a BIG home-on-wheels life hack!

MAXXAir 12V Roof Top Fan/Vent

We have two of these fans in the RV and LOVE them!  We wanted two in here so we could set one pulling air into the RV and the other sucking air out, so we get a great little air flow in here!

12v touch screen LED dimmers

We have 4 of these dimmers in our RV, and really love the ability to set all the lights at different levels of dim.  They blend in nicely to our "control panel" in our bedroom

LANMU Hanging Vase, Air Plants Pots

This isn't a must have in a build, but we get SO many messages about these dainty little air plant holders.  We mounted them with the screws they come with, and then to avoid any rattling from driving we used command strips behind them!

Prodyne-Fruit and Veggie Hammock

Ahhh, the notorious fruit hammock...we wanted to add this to the list because we wanted to save you guys the time of typing "banana hammock" into amazon.  Lots of hammocks in that category, but no bananas....

Interlux Brightside Polyurethane Paint - White, Gallon

We are asked CONSTANTLY what paint we used to paint the base of the RV, so here it is!  We used a marine paint and only use one gallon to paint the entire exterior (white only)

White RV Shower Faucet with Clear Handles

We replaced the original shower hardware to a bright white shower head and faucet.  It is a water saving shower head, so you'll be able to conserve a bit more water while trying to get clean!  Yes, we take military showers when we shower in the rv....


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