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We started 2019 with two months traveling the Baja PENINSULA!

When our two month trip in Baja was coming to an end, we were overwhelmed with questions about advice going to baja, questions about bringing an RV or van south of the border, and how it was bringing our dogs to Baja. So, we got to thinking…How could we share more about Baja without oversharing or having a negative impact on these places by carelessly sharing locations on social media? We are hoping this Ebook is a helpful resource for other travelers wanting to explore Baja, whether alone or with a group, we want to help others feel more comfortable and prepared for their trip south!

*This book is not a guide to every campsite or activity in Baja, it is an outline of our 2019 trip. So, if you followed along our journey, and want a similar experience, this is the book for you!

What this Ebook includes:

  • Our Baja Checklists : Clickable links for Important info about what you need to cross the border and what you’ll need once you’re in Baja

  • Our experience crossing the border

  • Our experience bringing our dogs to Mexico

  • What to expect at Military Checkpoints

  • Chronological list and info on every campsite on our trip

    Includes Google Map links & GPS coordinates

  • Activities & Experiences we splurged on

We want to be apart of your Baja Caravan!


Caravan the Baja Peninsula with Slow Car Fast Home:

An Outline of Our 2019 Baja Adventures