A compilation of all the most frequently asked questions on our Instagram

If we missed one please reach out to us and ask! we can always add to the list!

Year/Make/Model of Nigel?

1992 Toyota Odyssey

Is the Rv a Dolphin?

No, it is an Odyssey.  See question above.

Is it a V6 or V4?

V6 3.0

Is Nigel an automatic or manual tansmission?


How many MPG does it get?

On average we get between 12mpg-14mpg -- MPG depends on if we are traveling with any of the tanks partially full, if we are driving on flat highways or passes, city driving, etc

Are you guys short?  How tall is the inside of the RV?


Nope, we are both tall people.  Tommy is 6'2" and Danielle is 5'8".  The tallest point in the RV is right before the bed area & is 6'3" at its tallest point.  Tommy still occasionally hits his head on the A/C unit because it hangs lower than the ceiling.

Where did the name Nigel come from?


The Nickelodeon cartoon "The Wildthornberrys" -- A family that travelled through Africa in an RV, and the dads name was Nigel. 

Were you after a rv of that year(1992)?

We weren't specifically looking for one year.  We did want a Toyota motorhome made in the 90's because most were V6.

Where is home?/Do you have a physical home somewhere?


We live full-time in Nigel, so no we do not have a physical home somewhere else.  We do have our mailing address set to our parents' homes in MD.  When we get mail they very kindly ship our mail to us wherever we are in the country.


Why did you guys choose an RV and not a van?


Personal preference!  We need a little more space than what a van can offer.  we have the two of us, the two dogs, and LOTS of tools and work stuff, so we chose our home based on our own personal needs.

How much did you pay for the RV?

We purchased the RV for? $7,500

How much did you spend on the renovations?

We spent around $7,000 -- give or take

Did you guys do the renovations yourselves?


Yes, we did!  

How long did it take to renovate the RV?

It took us about 8 months to "finish" the remodel.  But, it won't ever be done completely haha!

Is the big back window custom?


No, it is not.  That was original to our rv, and is the reason we rushed out to buy it so quickly!  You don't find a window like that everyday!

What was the most expensive part of the remodel?


Cushions/Mattress!  We replace all of the cushions in the RV, so new couch cushions a new mattress, and then we had everything re-upholstered in marine grade vinyl.  We spent around $2,000 on the entire cushion/mattress project. 

Do you have a bathroom?  Shower? Toilet?


Yes! We have a full bathroom.  Standing shower that drains into our grey tank (grey tank is sink and shower runoff) and then an RV toilet that is connected to our black tank (black tank is the waste tank).  We took out the sink that used to be in the bathroom because it wasted space, so we added a hidden dirty clothes hamper in there too.

How many gallons is the fresh water tank?


We have a 25 gallon fresh water tank 

How big is the RV?


We have a Class C RV -- it is 22ft long bumper to bumper, about 8ft wide, and its tallest point inside is 6'3".

Is the RV 4wd or 2wd?



How does RV handle on the highway? and, off-road?


We love the way these Toyota RVs drive! It doesn't feel like you're driving something big unless its super windy out.  Feels like you're driving a normal truck.  Most difficult place to drive (because of blind spots) are small gas stations.  As for off-road driving, we have camped on some pretty rough roads before, and although we are not 4x4 Nigel handles rough roads like a champ!

Did you guys paint the exterior yourselves?


Yes, we did!

What kind of paints did you guys use for the exterior?


We used marine paint for the base paint on the rv -- Interlux Bright Side in Bright White Gloss & for the detail vintage stripe we used High Performance Rustoleum paint from Home Depot.  To apply the paint we used a professional grade air compressed spray gun.

Do you guys have any solar?


Not yet, but we have big news this month on the topic! Stay tuned!

Do you guys have a generator?


Yes, and right now when we are off-grid that is how we run 120v power

Do you guys have a refrigerator?


Yes, we bought our RV with a working fridge/freezer combo.  The brand is Dometic, but we don't know the model name/number because it is so old!

Must-haves for full-time living on the road?


For us, we needed a toilet.  No exceptions there.  We also wanted a couch big enough for all 4 of us to sit on comfortably.  FEBREEZE & lysol wipes are ALWAYS around!

What made you guys want to live in an RV in the first place?


We were living in downtown Denver when the idea came up.  I think the idea spurted because we were working so much to afford our life in the city, and not traveling as much we had before.  We took a few roadtrips out to Utah and California in our old van and once in a 4 door car, and realized how much we missed traveling.  We honestly couldn't come up with a good reason of why we SHOULD'NT give RV life a try.  You only live once, right?   

Do you have health insurance on the road?


We always find this question to be a bit invasive.  So, we'll leave you off with a vague yes/no.

How do the dogs do in the RV/full-time traveling?


We always say this, but I don't think we could do this without two of the raddest most chill road doggos.  They had already been on several moves/trips with us across the country and have always loved car rides, so the traveling part was nothing new to them.  They absolutely LOVE the RV/traveling because this is the first time we have been able to spend SO much time with them.  They don't care where we live or where we go they just care about being together.

Do you guys leave the dogs alone in the RV? What do you do with them when you do leave them?

Yes, we do leave the dogs alone in the RV at times.  Never for an extended period, and we use a whole boat load of common sense.  We do not leave the dogs in the RV when the temperatures are dangerously high or low.  If for some reason we do need to leave them and the temperatures are unsafe we pay for a campground and have the A/C running for them.  But, for the most part we do not like to do things where our dogs are not welcomed.  A lot if not most of the National parks are not dog friendly, but the land outside and around them is, so we choose to checkout a lot of state parks, BLM land, and national forests around those parks.  If there is a National Park we feel like we HAVE to go to we choose appropriate times to go where the dogs will be safe staying in the RV --sunset or sunrise.  If you are looking for advice on traveling with your dogs it won't help you much because our advice is strictly for our dogs.  You need to base your own rules on YOUR own dogs needs.  All dogs are different, and all rigs are built and insulated differently. 

What is your job while traveling? Where do you work?


We run our own businesses to provide for our lives.  We make longboard skateboards, we make artwork, and we make wood signs and trays.  All sold online.  We make all of this out of the RV & we work where ever we go!

Where do the dogs sleep?

The dogs sleep wherever they want haha!  Normally one is on the couch and one is sleeping at the foot of our bed.

With Nigel being a little older has he ever broke down and had costly repair issues?

We don't like to boast this very often because I think we will jinx ourselves, but we have not had any mechanical issues or broken down.  The one big repair we had to do was at inspection the exhaust pipe was very rusted and part of it needed to be replaced -- the shop ordered the part and had it fixed within days for about $200.  The rest has been regular maintenance.  We are coming up on 100k miles and will have to take it in to get a tune up and probably the timing belt replaced, but regular maintenance is something EVERY vehicle needs.

Have you had any attempt breaks in?

We had the RV parked in downtown Denver for 4 months before moving out of the city (before renovating it), and someone threw a rock through the back window, but didn't enter the RV at all just put vandalism.  We are never parked in one spot long enough to have this happen while full-time traveling. 

How often are you finding a laundry mat?

Laundry mats are everywhere. Use cellphone to google: Laundromats near me. Just like most people would do living in a house or apartment.  We do laundry when we are out of clean clothes to wear.

Do you guys use your phones for wifi?

Yes, we use our hotspots. 

Do you have tv or netflix you guys use?

No, we do not have a tv.  We have a computer that we can watch movies/Netflix/hulu/HBO on.

Do you guys go on your rooftop?


How often are you guys emptying your tanks?

As often as we need to.  Usually only once a week. 

How long after you realized you wanted to go rv life, did you purchase an rv?

Probably around 6 months after we told our parents our new plans.

That's all for now!

If we missed your questions message us, and we'll add it!