5 Reasons Blix Bikes Are Awesome for Life on the Road

"Do we have space for that?”

From the moment we bought our RV, this has been THE recurring question…


During our transition to full-time tiny-living we had to downsize on almost all aspects of our life.  One of the first belongings we parted ways with were our old bikes we used while living in Denver.  We knew we didn’t have space inside our tiny RV for full-size bicycles, and bike racks were out of the question for numerous reasons.  We thought having bikes on the road would always be one of our compromises for us to live this lifestyle, but we took a week long adventure down the coast with two foldable Vika+ Blix e-Bikes on board and couldn’t imagine exploring the Oregon and Northern California coasts any other way!

  1. Compact Size When Folded Up


Whether you are traveling in an RV, van, or a car space is always the major issue with finding outdoor gear that fits with this lifestyle.  We chose not to bring our old bikes on the road with us due to lack of space in our RV and our hesitation with adding an outdoor bike mount in fear of dealing with theft during our travels.

We were able to fit two of the Vika+ Blix e-Bikes folded up in our super tiny RV shower.  We stacked them one on top of each other and they didn’t budge while traveling!


2. Quick & Easy to Setup and Breakdown

We tend to sporadically take off on adventures, so being able to pull the bikes out of the RV and quickly flip them to the riding position and go is a huge bonus for us.  There are only a few simple steps to unfold and click the bikes into the riding position, and feel super sturdy to cruise around on.


3. Getting away from the RV – Go Further Faster


Our daily driver is also our home, so whether its running errands or exploring a National Park an e-bike brings a whole other side of ease to our travels.  We can park and not have to worry about running around with our home connected to us the entire time.  


4. One Charge Can Take You Far


The Vika+ style of Blix Bikes are powered by a lithium-ion battery.  You can choose to use the battery bank to assist your ride, or ride the bike like normal without the power on at all.  We explored Astoria, OR, the Avenue of the Giants, and a day in San Francisco and only needed to charge the batteries once in-between—mainly due to all those brutal hills in Astoria and San Francisco!


5. An Eco-friendly Means of Transportation


Our choice to live tiny has impacted our ecological footprint.  We have less waste, we use solar energy, and practice water conservation daily, but there is little we can do about our carbon footprint except drive less.  While traveling with the Vika+ e-bikes we had an alternative option to explore that saved us money on gas, multiple parking lot fees, and even have days that we didn’t need to drive the RV at all. 


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