Before & After

One of the most rewarding moments of renovating an RV



The top photo is technically during our remodel, but it was a really tough day.  We gave up quickly after trying to get the rest of the wall put up towards the bed area, and we both remember it being one of those days where you ask yourself "are we really this crazy?", seeing this bottom picture was a real moment for us.



We love this before and after picture.  Although it makes our vinyl upholstery look a little yellow (it is beige) it really shows how we changed the seating area in the back from the original layout.  The ceiling also makes a huge difference in how wide the RV feels.  And, I think the new closet on the left makes the space look a little more open (for basically being a hallway to our bed).



This picture has so many feelings attached to it for us!  The top photo was a day that we felt really behind on everything in the RV.  Our own timelines of how fast we should be working on the remodel were unrealistic and put so much extra pressure on ourselves.  Tommy was stumped on how to put our plumbing back togetherafter we had ripped everything out to rebuild the cabinetry, and I had just finished painting the wall my feet are resting on--we had to do some fiberglassing up in the bedroom area, so we were constantly trying to clean up all the little fiberglass hairs that were making us itch furiously.

The photo below was taken very recently, and I loved seeing the contrast of Tommy's body language, and how comfortable he is in the finished product.   



This is the best view to see how dark and closed-off the original closet made the RV feel.  In the before picture you can see the closet in the back right, where its touching the ceiling.  I'm not entirely sure why someone would need a wardrobe that tall in an RV, I mean unless you are Beyonce living in a class C RV, then sure, having space for your VMA ball gown is a necessity.  But, for us normal camping people having a short hanging closet is all you really need, and then two large drawers underneath for pants and undies.

The after picture is pretty noticeable here because of the tile and the finish on the counter tops.  Yes, the tile is real ceramic tile!  Everything feels brighter and whiter and open in the after picture, and it's just soooo nice to look at!   



This is one of our FAVORITE before & after photos!  The top photo is the first day Tommy got back to Denver from the drive from Seattle, WA after buying Nigel!  So, it was the very first time I got to see Nigel in person.  We took so many cheesy pictures in front of the RV.

The after photo was THE very first day of us traveling as full-time RVers!  Nigel doesn't even look like the same RV!  We think his new paint job makes him look slimmer and trimmer than the old look.  We drove from VA to Asheville, NC and of course we stopped for BEEEEEER.  This picture was taken at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  


Before and after 6.jpg

Here is another during the remodel picture because I like showing the hard work that goes into the after pictures.  We had just finished putting our top layer of insulation on the walls, and it felt like we were moving really quickly (it was still the first week).

The after picture is a more recent photo I took because I had added some new plant hangers and a new throw blanket, but it's always fun to see how far the interior has come from these bare blank canvas days.